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Chronic rhinosinusitis patients

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a highly prevalent chronic inflammatory disease, which often remain uncontrolled in a large proportion of patients, despite treatments or surgery. CRS greatly impact the quality of life of patients, impairing their social life as well as their work proficiency.

Since no patient association represents the interest of CRS patients, EUFOREA has decided to directly reach. Various round of discussion with patients with CRS have been already organized by Prof. Wytske. Fokkens (Amsterdam), Prof. Peter Hellings (Leuven), Prof. Peter Valentin Tomazic (Graz, Austria) Prof. Joaquim Mullol (Barcelona). The aim of these meetings. held in various European countries, is to better pinpoint the needs of patients with CRS and develop better tools to further support them.

Follow-up will be organized in other European cities. The outcome of the meetings will be key in raising awareness about CRS in general and during upcoming advocacy events.

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