Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a disease affecting approx. 12% of the world population, which greatly impact patients’ quality of life in terms of bodily pain, sleep problems and social function. It has been shown that 40% of CRS patients still have uncontrolled disease despite being under treatment and/or having surgery.

mySinusitisCoach (mobile app.) was developed by EUFOREA in order to help patients and doctors optimizing the treatments for chronic rhinosinusitis. In order to meet the real needs of CRS patients, the app. is continuously optimized by a multi-stakeholder team consisting of international doctors (ENT specialists & general practitioners), CRS patients, pharmacists, and experts in e-health tools.

Features of mySinusitisCoach

Record your symptoms and medication
Monitor your progression
Share with your doctor
Learn about sinusitis

With mySinusitisCoach you can gain insight into your chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms and your medication use. Weekly, you can indicate simply and rapidly how many complaints you have by using a validated measurement method. Your results will be displayed in clear graphs so you can see the progress of your complaints in days, months or years. You get more insight into any patterns, you can improve communication with your doctor or pharmacist and gain more control over your complaints. If your complaints are unchecked for more than a month, you will receive a message to consult a physician. The app also contains a localization feature, which will, in the future, allow you to compare your symptom score with people in your region. You can therefore be warned if a specific allergen (tree pollen or grass pollen) is present in your region or whether there is an air pollution pick. Finally, the app contains an educational section for patients where independent and reliable information about chronic rhinosinusitis, treatment options and sinus surgery can be found.

If you choose to register your app, your anonymous / coded data will be used by EUFOREA to gain insights into the experiences of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis, the effect on asthma, the impact of quality of life, and the effectiveness of current treatments.

Unmet needs for CRS

With mySinusitisCoach, EUFOREA intend to tackle many unmet needs in the field of chronic rhinosinusitis.

For Patients:

  • Long interval between first symptoms and right treatment
  • Lack of simple tool to monitor symptoms evolution over time
  • Lack of reliable educational platform

For Physicians:

  • Need for better adherence to CRS treatment by patients
  • Need for CRS integrated care
  • Lack of quality feedback from patients

For Researchers:

  • Need of real-life data
  • Lack of outcome comparison
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