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Evidence-based transformation of healthcare in Rhinitis, Rhinosinusitis and Asthma via physician education, patient awareness, outcome research, and integrated care pathways

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13TH - 15TH NOVEMBER 2019

Call for Abstracts

The organizing committee welcome the submission of original contributions for oral presentations at the EUFOREA Forum 2019. Abstracts selected for oral presentation will be included in the Poster Presentation session during lunch on Thursday 14th November; a 10-minute presentation and 5-minute discussion with editors. More information about the format below.

For more information please visit the abstract section of the EUFOREA Forum website:


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EUFOREA is an international non-profit organization forming an alliance of all stakeholders from national and international organizations, institutions and agencies working towards the common vision of preventing and reducing the burden of chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, rhinitis, and rhinosinusitis)

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Evidence-based driven

Creating new opportunities through an innovative, academic and evidence-based approach.



Enhancing patient well-being is our fundamental objective. We work with patients and for patients.



Developing solutions to bridge the gap between guidelines and care management in real life.

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With trusted information on chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Improving patients’ understanding regarding their disease and treatments is essential for better self-management. The patient educational platform has been developed by experts in the field of chronic respiratory diseases to share unbiased information on the newest developments, the best practices, the risks, benefits and side effects of all treatments, the optimal care pathways, and other tips and tricks to better manage the diseases.