ERS Webinar Epistaxis - update on current best management

ERS Webinar 'Epistaxis - update on current best management'

Date: Thursday, 02.07.2020 / Time: 20:00 AMS 19:00 UK

Place: Online Webinar

Moderator: Sean Carrie, President of ERS / Co-Host: Pavol Surda, Chair of ERS junior members



The webinar lasts for 60 minutes and will have 3 invited speakers, who will be presenting for 15 minutes each.
At the end of the presentations, you will be able to write your questions into the chat forum. A selection of questions will be chosen by the moderator and answered by our experts on the spot.
*Please note: the online platform is able to host up to 1000 members, however, we can’t guarantee that you will be able to attend: First come- first served!

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