Mission & Vision

The European Forum for Research and Education in Allergy and Airway diseases (EUFOREA) was founded as an international non-profit organization under Belgian law in 2015 by the allergy and immunology specialists Claus Bachert, Jean Bousquet, Wytske Fokkens and Peter Hellings working in leading EU research institutes on allergy, asthma and upper airway diseases.

Chronic airways diseases are the most common chronic diseases in children and throughout the life cycle. It presents a major worldwide health problem irrespective of income. EUFOREA aims at reducing the prevalence and burden of chronic respiratory diseases via education, research, advocacy and implementation of novel digital solutions.

Joining forces is essential. EUFOREA brings together specialists from the entire healthcare system to create opportunities for new innovative thinking and development. 


EUFOREA is an international non-profit organisation forming an alliance of all stakeholders from national and international organizations, institutions, and agencies working towards the common vision of preventing and improving the burden of chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, chronic rhinosinusitis, rhinitis).


EUFOREA proposes to reduce the preventable and avoidable burden of morbidity and disability due to chronic respiratory diseases by means of a multidisciplinary practical approach with all stakeholders at national, regional and global levels, so that populations reach the highest attainable standards of health and productivity at every age and those diseases are no longer a barrier to well-being or socio-economic development.

Given the novel scientific data on prediction and prevention of chronic airways diseases, the cost of inaction is unacceptable and there is an urgent need to undertake integrated actions in Europe joining forces in a multi-specialty way with all stakeholders.

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