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EUFOREA works with patients and for patients. It is our mission to provide a better healthcare environment for patients with chronic respiratory diseases. We have develop and created tools, advisory board, and other solutions to empower them.


Patient Area: Source of unbiased information

The patient area is an educational section of the website which contains unbiased information related to chronic respiratory diseases. Co-developed by renowned medical experts in the field, the patient area is regularly updated to share the latest options available regarding diagnosis and treatment strategies for chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma.

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The self-assessment test for chronic sinusitis can help you determine if your symptoms might be related to a chronic conditions of the sinuses, or to other respiratory diseases.

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mySinusitisCoach and Allergy Diary were developed by a network of doctors, patients, researchers, pharmacists, and experts in e-health tools, to provide tools for patients and doctors, to rapidely adapt the treatment strategy based on evidences: Symptoms, medication and key events that may impact your disease.

Privacy protection: Your data are anonymized and safely secured. mySinusitisCoach and Allergy diary respect the GPDR regulation.

Support research: Your anonymized data will be used to answer unsolved research questions, improve treatment guidelines, and optimize the care of other patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

Patient Advisory Board

Taking patients' expectations into account

Despite the high prevalence of chronic sinusitis, no global patient organization currently exists. To fill this gap and give a voice to these patients, EUFOREA has created a patient advisory board, whose goal is to better understand their needs, the emotional and financial impact of the illness, and to raise awareness at a political level while working together on novel solutions for timely access to treatments.

If you are willing to join the discussion and take part of this initiative, please contact us at contact [@]