What do we do for you?

EUFOREA offers a variety of educational and digital tools for doctors working with patients with chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs). 

As healthcare is undergoing a rapid transformation due to novel technologies, we believe that change management solutions will facilitate the implementation of best-practices, guidelines, new diagnosis and treatments, and digital tools into daily care.

Through the development of these solutions, we support the medical community in providing rapid, effective, and personalized care strategy for each patient with chronic respiratory diseases.

Provider of Continuing Medical Education

Medical science is evolving rapidly, and it’s essential for doctors to be updated via continuing and unbiased medical education. The EUFOREA academia is of interest for all doctors, specialists and general practitioners, with interest in comorbid respiratory diseases such as chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), allergic rhinitis (AR), and asthma.

Courses and specializations

E-learning platform for CRDs

Currently under development, the E-learning platform for doctors will contain the latest information for optimal care for chronic respiratory diseases 

  • Guidelines
  • Pocket guides
  • Treatment algorithms
  • Preparatory material prior to masterclasses
  • Videos from previous masterclasses
  • Online courses with CME accreditation

Digital solutions for enhanced care management 

Currently, EUFOREA & ARIA have co-developed two mobile health apps for chronic respiratory diseases: 

  • "Allergy diary" for allergic rhinitis and asthma
  • "mySinusitisCoach" for chronic rhinosinusitis and asthma

These mHealth apps are tools designed to support doctors in optimizing patient care and adjusting treatment strategy. 

Patient follow up:

Continuous monitoring of symptoms, medications & quality of life enables a proactive and personalized treatment strategy.

Research tool:

A doctor is connected to his/her patients. Real-life data collected can help answering novel research questions.