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EUFOREA is composed of an international network of key opinions leaders, doctors and researchers with expertise in the field of chronic respiratory diseases. Experts provide recommendations to health policy makers regarding the latest advances in healthcare management, based on clinical-evidences, health-economic studies, and success rate of implementation.

The EU political agenda on the prevention and management of chronic respiratory diseases

Context and EU actions

The European Union is at the fore front of the global effort to better understand, prevent and manage chronic diseases including allergic and chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs). The 2010 Council of the European Union prioritized the understanding, prevention and management of chronic diseases. The Polish Presidency of the EU Council (2011) targeted chronic respiratory diseases in children to promote their early recognition, prevention and management to ultimately impact Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA). The developmental determinants of CRDs in ageing have been reinforced during the Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council “Healthy ageing across the lifecycle” (2012) and by an EU-NIH meeting held in Montpellier (2013). In collaboration with GARD (Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases), the Directorate General of Health of Portugal, the EIP on AHA (European Innovatin Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, DG Santé and DG CONNECT) and the Région Occitanie (France), a high level meeting was organized July 1, 2015 with all major European scientific societies and patient’s organizations in Lisbon to review the implementation results of AIRWAYS ICPs (Care pathways for airway diseases). 

Role of EUFOREA and political initiatives

EUFOREA forms an alliance of all stakeholders from national and international organizations, working towards the common vision of reducing the burden of allergy and airway diseases. To support the EU actions, EUFOREA has organized yearly EU summits in collaboration with all major European scientific societies and patient’s organizations:

EUFOREA Symposium 2019 – Accelerate the healthcare transformation in Allergy & Airway Diseases through the implementation of digital and educational solutions in a changing world

03 May 2019, The Maltese Parliament, Valetta, Malta

The EUFOREA symposium recently took place in the main parliamentary chamber of the Maltese Parliament with the Prime Minister, The Honourable Leader of the opposition and prominent members of the parliament in presence.

Key members of the medical community discussed and debated to align a structured approach in respect of the implementation of the role of digital technology in the transformation of healthcare and climate change.  Digital and educational solutions were proposed to improve patient quality of life with a view to agreeing a consensus to formulate EUFOREA’s  2019 – 2020 Patient Educational Programme in Allergy and Airway Diseases ‘From Self-Assessment to Self-Management’.

Concepts will be further developed with reported outcomes to be available to the wider community.

Press Release by the Office of the Speaker - EUFOREA Malta Symposium 2019

EU Summit 2018 – Air Pollution & mHealth. Prevention and Control of Chronic Respiratory Diseases

23 March 2018, Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament), Vilnius, Lithuania

Air pollution and climate change represent two major health threats of the 21st century. Chronic respiratory and allergic diseases are particularly impacted by these threats, but there is an insufficient recognition of the problem. mHealth will represent a major improvement for the understanding and mitigation of air pollution.

 The EU Summit in Vilnius followed a GARD General Meeting (Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases, WHO) held in Brussels (November 10, 2017) that already set the scene for the fight against air pollution using mHealth. The EU Summit 2018 has generated crucial concepts that will be further developed during follow up meetings. 

Impressions of European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

EU Summit 2017 – Prevention and self-management of chronic respiratory diseases

29 March 2017, EU Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

The 2017 European Summit on the Prevention and Self-Management of Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRDs) was organized by EUFOREA. The event took place in the European Parliament of Brussels and was hosted by MEP David Borrelli and MEP Sirpa Pietikainen.

The aim of the Summit was to correspond to the needs of the European Commission and of patients suffering from CRDs to join forces in Europe for the prevention and self-management. Delegates of the European Rhinologic Society (ERS), European Respiratory Society (ERS), European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), European Academy of Paediatrics, and European Patients Organization EFA all lectured on their vision and action plan to join forces in achieving adequate prevention and self-management of CRD in the context of Precision Medicine. Recent data highlight the preventive capacity of education on optimal care pathways for CRD. Self-management and patient empowerment can be achieved by novel educational on-line materials and by novel mobile health tools enabling patients and doctors to monitor and optimally treat CRDs based on the level of control.

Report of the 2017 Summit

Impressions of the 2017 Summit

EU Summit 2015 – European Symposium on Precision Medicine in Allergy and Airways Diseases

14 October 2015, EU Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

A European Symposium on Precision Medicine in Allergy and Airways Diseases was held at the EU Parliament October 14, 2015. In this meeting, Precision medicine was proposed as a novel approach, embracing four key features: personalized care based on molecular, immunologic, and functional endotyping of the disease, with participation of the patient in the decision-making process of therapeutic actions, and considering predictive and preventive aspects of the treatment. Implementation of precision medicine into clinical practice may help to achieve the arrest of the epidemic of allergies and chronic airways diseases.

Report of the 2015 summit