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Terms of use: 

Twinning project questionnaire
Terms of use for the twinning project questionnaire are intended for physicians and other health care professionals who will administer the present questionnaire. This questionnaire is the intellectual property of “MACVIA-ARIA EUFOREA” and may not be reproduced, neither completely nor partially, without the explicit authorization of these entities.
The use of this form implies an implicit agreement on all of the below points.
1-    This questionnaire is free of charge and is proposed to health care professionals to enable them to characterize their patients voluntarily. Data are collected by "MACVIA-ARIA EUFOREA" in order to better understand allergy. No financial compensation can be requested. The codified data recorded by each health care professional (and stored in Europe) will remain available on your account for a period of 18 months.
2-    This questionnaire completes the patient’s self-assessment of his/her allergic symptoms via the mobile application “Allergy diary App by MACVIA-ARIA”, available on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Health care professionals can request additional information by contacting contact[@] or contact[@]