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Chronic sinusitis affects a large proportion of the world population (12%) and it greatly impact the quality of life of the people concerned. mySinusitisCoach was developed by a network of doctors, patients, researchers, pharmacists, and experts in e-health tools, to provide a tool for patients and doctors, to rapidely adapt the treatment strategy based on evidences: symptoms, medication and key events that may impact your disease.


  • Symptoms monitoring
  • Medication consumption
  • Visualize your level of control
  • Unbiased information on chronic sinusitis & asthma
  • Easily share your data with your doctor to optimize your treatment

Privacy protection: Your data are anonymized and safely secured. mySinusitisCoach respects the GPDR regulation.

Support research for chronic sinusitis: Your anonymized data will be used to answer unsolved research questions, improve treatment guidelines, and optimize the care of other patients with chronic sinusitis.


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mySinusitisCoach is freely available in 3 countries.

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With mySinusitisCoach, you can gain insight into your chronic sinusitis symptoms and your medication use. Weekly, you can indicate simply and rapidly how many complaints you have by using a validated measurement method. Your results will be displayed in clear graphs so you can see the progress of your complaints in days, months or years. You get more insight into any patterns, you can improve communication with your doctor or pharmacist and gain more control over your complaints. If your complaints are unchecked for a prolonged period, you will receive a message to consult a physician. The app contains an educational section for patients where independent and reliable information about chronic rhinosinusitis, treatment options and sinus surgery can be found.